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Life's a journey, lets grind for experience.

I just want to be hot ok



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this man is my hero

That dude has lived a life

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gwen meeting the villains in the oscorp elevator. 

Again Harry wasn’t a villain in that movie he was just fucking terrified of dying from a scale monster disease that his fuck dad hid from him his whole life

I understand what you’re saying, but he is still a villain, circumstance or not. He still murdered Gwen. Just because people go through bad things, it doesn’t mean they have to become bad people. And yes, he may have been scared, but it doesn’t excuse his actions. He’s also been commonly advertised as a villain and so has the Green Goblin.

Well he was super fucked up on that goblin formula in that part of the movie. I’m not saying he’s a great guy, but Harry Osborn may be a confused person with serious paranoia who made the wrong choices but bad guy he’s not


Hey, if a trans woman says she doesn’t like being called something, instead of talking about how you call everyone it, how about you apologize and don’t call her it again?

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